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Checking & Savings


Free Checking Plus

Not only is this account free of a monthly service charge, it pays a competitive interest rate.

  • Interest on all balances over $400.00.


Premier NOW Checking

This interest-bearing account provides exceptional value.

Interest rate on all balances over $400.00

$5.00 service charge and $0.10 fee per check paid in excess of 50 checks per statement cycle

  • 0.25% discount on installment loans to finance new personal vehicles.
  • 0.10% premium on Certificates of Deposits.


The $5.00 monthly service charge can be avoided by:

  • maintaining a $500.00 average collected balance in the account
  • or having direct deposit
  • or a $2,000.00 daily balance in your Savings
  • or $5,000.00 daily balance in a Money Market
  • or $10,000.00 in a Certificate of Deposit
  • or $5,000.00 in total outstanding loan balances


Platinum 50 Checking

A checking account for customers 50 and over.

$5.00 service charge

  • Interest by maintaining a balance of only $100.00
  • Free DB&T logo checks
  • Discount on Safe Deposit Box

 The $5.00 monthly service charge can be avoided by maintaining a $100.00 minimum balance

Money Market Account

Here’s an account that can be used as a savings account or limited checking account and it pays a competitive money market rate! Federal regulations limit the number of preauthorized transfers per month. However, you may make as many deposits, withdrawals or transfers as you wish in person or by mail.

  •  A $10.00 service charge will be assessed if the minimum balance falls below $1,000.00 during any statement cycle.



Personal Savings


Statement Savings

This account provides an easy and convenient way to save while earning a great rate.

  • Balances above $50.00 earn interest from the date of deposit and interest is compounded daily.
  • A detailed statement is sent quarterly with free imaged checks or monthly if you have EFT activity.
  • A $1.00 monthly service charge can be avoided by maintaining a $50.00 minimum balance.


Kid's Quarters Savings

A great way to teach children the value of savings.  Kids receive an old-fashioned savings card, and to start them off, we supply the first quarter.             

  • Interest is earned on all balances
  • Each time a completed card is deposited a new quarter and savings card is given


Health Savings

This account is a convenient vehicle for people with a high-deductible medical insurance plan. Open this account in order to take advantage of laws designed to provide tax savings. Deposits can be made by several different methods including payroll deduction. Withdrawals can be made at any branch or by check writing privileges. You will need to check with your tax advisor to be sure you take advantage of the income tax savings.

  • Interest is earned on balances of at least $50.00
  • No recurring maintenance fees


Christmas Clubs

Save for the holidays or any special event with the traditional savings plan.  Deposits of $2.00 or more can be made each week.